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Dr. Marco Caravaggio

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Life is a balance of positive and negative influences, and stress is nearly impossible to ignore. Finding effective methods for stress management is important for maintaining health and wellness. At Network Family Care Center, Dr. Marco Caravaggio can help patients learn to manage stress and lead full and happy lives.

Stress Management Q & A

Why do humans experience stress?

When a person is placed in a stressful situation, the body reacts in a number of very specific ways. First, the natural “fight or flight” response kicks in. The sympathetic nervous system is stimulated. That makes the heart beat faster and sharpens the senses. This is what allowed early humans to survive in a dangerous environment, and the physiological response remains, even as we have largely conquered the forces that threaten our survival. That is not to say that we no longer experience stress; it has just taken a different form. People with chronic stress often experience tension in their muscles, which can lead to headaches and other types of discomfort. When muscles are tense, they place a different type of pressure on the skeletal system, including the spine. That can cause misalignment and nerve compression, which are serious medical issues.

How do patients know when to seek care for stress?

Some level of stress is unavoidable and is simply a part of normal daily life. In fact, stress is often a good thing and lets us know when there is danger in our environment or problems within our relationships at home or work. However, when stress levels lead to ongoing or extreme physical issues, it may be time to seek treatment. Persistent headaches and muscle tension are among the most common indicators of high stress, but people should pay attention to issues such as digestive problems, back and shoulder pain and sleep disruptions, as well. Simply put, any time that stress is causing a negative impact on normal daily function, seeking treatment is a wise decision.

How can chiropractic care help with stress management?

Spinal adjustments can make a world of difference when it comes to managing stress. By alleviating undue pressure in the spinal column, neurological transmission is restored or improved. A chiropractor is highly skilled at identifying areas of concern and can address issues in the back, neck, or shoulders. In addition to spinal adjustments, massage can also play a powerful role in reducing stress and learning to manage anxiety and tension.

Do I need professional help from a registered psychotherapist?

Often the support, problem-solving skills and coping strategies provided by a registered psychotherapist is highly-effective and efficient in managing stress. At Network Family Care Center, our staff registered psychotherapist has helped countless patients overcome acute stress, whether caused by relationship issues, family concerns, job problems or other life challenges. In addition, being a licensed psychotherapist, Melanie has over two decades of experience in energy therapy, as a Reiki Master and Wellness Life Coach. She is also the founder of ManiCure 4 Cancer, an international non-profit organization that provides specialized beauty care to cancer patients and survivors. 

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