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JANIS IDELS - Chiropractic Health Assistant

Janis comes to Network Family Care Center as one of the Chiropractic assistants. She is the voice you will hear on the phone greeting you in the afternoons, as well as the person greeting you for your care.

Janis has prior experience both as a practice member and chiropractic assistant before coming to Network family care Center.

Janis has a bachelor of science in education and has taught elementary school. Her love of children and passion for good health and wellness contributes to the dynamic care offered in our office.


LIANA FALKENHAGEN - Chiropractic Health Assistant

Liana is the smiling face that you will see in the morning when you walk into the Network Family Care Center.

Liana was a long-time patient of this clinic even before the days of Dr. Marco. She brings several years’ knowledge of patient care to assist her as a chiropractic assistant.

Liana earned a BA with an area of concentration in Human Resources Management from The University of Western Ontario. She spent over 20 years working in the HR field in a few IT corporate organizations such as Dell Computer.

She is married and a mother to two hockey playing teenage boys, she loves to travel, participate in yoga classes and enjoys getting to know people.

She is passionate about health and wellness and utilizes this to ensure that the patients of the Network Family Care Center receive the best care possible. She would be happy to assist booking your appointments with Dr. Marco and the rest of his team: Belinda Hosey, Jonathan Maister, Janet Marzan or Melanie Tinianov.



Jonathan is a Canadian Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Athletic Therapist.

Jonathan Maister has successfully treated a myriad of conditions. His manual based practice focuses on soft tissue but he has assisted with many nonsoft tissue based conditions as well e.g. chronic swelling, sinusitis, post-surgical pain.

Chiropractic care marries well with soft tissue treatment. Joint positioning and the nervous system, which are the domain of the Chiropractor, are frequently the final step required in ensuring the complete healing of a soft tissue condition. Conversely, soft tissue integrity is often needed to ensure total resolution of an injury treated with Chiropractic.

Jonathan has frequently brought substantial relief and, depending on the condition, complete resolution.


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Energetic, professional and accountable Registered Massage Therapist with more than 14 years experience is focused on academics within the massage therapy profession and maintaining a steady, loyal clientele across 2 clinics including a Private House Call/Mobile Practice. Specializing in Pre & Post Natal Massage, Infant Massage Instruction, Postural Concerns, Chronic Pain Relief, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Sports Injuries, Nutrition, and Aromatherapy. Interested in Nutritional Counselling and Participating in Corporate Massage Events, Corporate Lunch & Learn Seminars, Corporate Wellness Fairs or Health and Wellness/Employee Appreciation Days.Specialties: Massage Therapy and Research, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage, Sports & Soft Tissue Injuries, MVA's, Chronic Pain; Currently an Educator and Clinic Supervisor of a Massage Therapy college; Business Networker & Member of

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    1. I went for assessment only I like how doctor did it and explain me everthing perfect!

    2. Olga L. Google

    1. Last week, my neck was so painful. He had a magic touch and every pain is gone.

    2. Ken T. Google

    1. It was unbelievably satisfying. Well recommended

    2. Karen D. Verified Patient

    1. "Anyway, I just simply trust Dr. Marco via his assessment."

    2. hai qin Liu Google

    1. It was unbelievably satisfying. Dr. Marco is very knowledgeable and patiently listens..."

    2. Karen D. Website

    1. Very friendly staff and gentle and effective treatment. Each week I long for my next visit

    2. CoCo Verspoor Website

    1. Dr, M is very personable and looks out for individuals best interest.

    2. Lochana L. Website

Dr. Marco Caravaggio leads a team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals at Network Family Care Center. Patients from Markham, Ontario and beyond come to the practice looking for relief from pain, improved function and general wellness. At Network Family Care Center, they can help with all chiropractic needs, and so much more. Dr. Marco Caravaggio graduated with honours from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1994. After a year of practice in Etobicoke, he moved to Italy, where he spent the next 15 years building and growing a family wellness practice. After returning to Toronto, Dr. Marco Caravaggio purchased Network Family Care Center. He now provides chiropractic care to patients of all ages, integrating the newest technology and advanced skills and experience into the services that he and his team provide. Dr. Marco has had much success improving the health of people with many diverse problems but has a special passion for helping pregnant moms, newborns and growing kids. He has taken extensive post graduate studies on the neurology of autism spectrum and sensory processing disorders. Dr. Caravaggio is a health and wellness enthusiast, international educator, public speaker, published author and finally, husband & father. Network Family Care Center is currently accepting new patients, and can schedule initial consultations for those in the Toronto area who would like to learn more about the many benefits of chiropractic care.

Learn more about Network Family Care Center with our introduction video here!

Learn more about Network Family Care Center with our introduction video here!



Treatment For Children & Pregnancies


We offer Chiropractic services for Children. Also, we offer chiropractic services for new borns and prenatal care.

Please call us for more information!

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Health & Network Spinal Analysis Interviews Dr. Marco

Health & Network Spinal Analysis Interviews Dr. Marco



Credentials & Educational Public Speaking


• Webster Technique Certified

• Level Two of Network Spinal Analysis Certified

• Workshops Available

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  • Jonathan  Maister
    Jonathan Maister
    Athletics/ Sports Therapy & Registered Massage Therapist
  • Belinda   Campbell-Hosey
    Belinda Campbell-Hosey
    Registered Massage Therapist
  • Janet  Marzan
    Janet Marzan
    Registered Massage Therapist
  • Melanie  Tnianov
    Melanie Tnianov
    Registered Psychotherapist
  • Liana  Falkenhagen
    Liana Falkenhagen
    Chiropractor Assistant
  • Janis  Idels
    Janis Idels
    Chiropractor Assistant
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