• We Need More Windex

    by Dr. Marco Caravaggio
    on Mar 19th, 2018

If you've ever tuned into the A&E television program Hoarders, it doesn't take a genius to quickly realize it's going to take

more than a bottle of Windex to clean up all the garbage, moldy food and rotting animal poop that's been

accumulating in those houses for years and years and years...

But some people accumulate health problems the same way, and unrealistically believe it will take just a visit or two

at the Chiropractor's to fix all their issues. From years of neglect, bad advice and denial, their chronic illnesses pile up

until they can no longer recognize the healthy state their body used to be in. By the time they decide to see

a Chiropractor, they've got a real 'dis-ease hoarding' problem and unfortunately one adjustment isn't enough to clean up the squalor.

The goal of Chiropractic isn't to temporarily sweep your symptoms under a rug to make things look good on the surface,

but to actually roll our sleeves up and get rid of the underlying clutter once and for all.

Sure it might take a little more time and a bit more elbow grease to transform your health our natural way,

but in the end your human house will be clean, pristine and habitable again.

Author Dr. Marco Caravaggio

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