Spine Baloon Pop

Turgor is the scientific name for stiffness or rigidity within a tissue... a wilted plant, due to lack of water, has LOW turgor where as one with NORMAL turgor stands strong and upright while maintaining its flexibility.

Your body also has turgor.  When too high, you experience extreme stiffness and rigidity - that's a bad thing. Think of a balloon that's filled with air right up to its bursting point. Too much turgor pressure in this case has rendered it stiff, tight, unpliable, rigid, unyielding and on the brink of popping.  Likewise, too much turgor in your body, especially in your spine, can put you on the edge physical failure (like a blown disc, strained muscle or sprained ligament).

Like releasing air in an over inflated balloon, Chiropractic adjustments can often reduce the stress and tension that builds in your body from daily stress (Chiropractic clients often express a sense of lightness and overall ease after they get adjusted). Purging that excess pressure from your spine is not only great for your Nerve System, but with the right balance of flexibility and stability (turgor) you'll enjoy a better quality of life.

Distributed with permission © The Weekly Sticky
Dr. Marco Caravaggio

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