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Innate and the Three Bears

Remember the lead character in Goldilocks and the Three Bears? She didn't settle for too hot, or too cold – too hard, or too soft.She kept trying until she found what was JUST RIGHT. When it comes to fighting disease, your body innately strives for the same thing.

Disease is nothing more than your body performing too much or too little of something. If your
thyroid is UNDER active, you have hypothyroidism. If your lungs OVER react
to dust in the air, you experience asthma. If your heart pumps too HARD, you
have high blood pressure. Health on theother hand is when your body is clearly directed by its inner wisdom to
produce, adapt, regenerate, secrete, eliminate, filter and metabolize
to a degree that's JUST RIGHT.

Chiropractors recognize that no doctor, pharmacy or research lab on the planet can live up the awesome task of
keeping EVERYTHING in your body working JUST RIGHT. Only innate intelligence, the immeasurable genius within you, is
capable of handling that job. The best we can do as Chiropractors is to remove the
stress that gets in its way. When we do, we know innate will only
settle for what's JUST RIGHT inside you.

Dr. Marco Caravaggio

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