• Healing on a Spare

    on Jun 7th, 2017

In case you get a flat, the temporary “donut” in your trunk is meant to
get you off the road and to the nearest service station for proper
repair ASAP. Manufacturer’s instructions warn you to take it slow and
easy when driving on them - those tiny tires aren’t designed to
withstand the load of normal driving. But regardless of that warning,
you’ve probably seen some idiot speeding down the highway on one,
oblivious to the potential risks.
Some people treat their health that way. When they get an injury or a
health problem they mask their symptoms with ‘spare tire’ medication,
all the while continuing the activities that got them there in the
first place. They pay little attention to the risks of temporarily
patching their problem with drugs and pass on fixing the CAUSE of their
problem. That can get you into trouble.
When it comes to acute or chronic health problems, the best policy is
to fix the underlying cause of the problem the right way instead of
masking the symptoms with medication. That’s the core philosophy of
drugless Chiropractic care. In the short term drugs may bring you false
comfort, but in the long run you’re risking a serious blow out.

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