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Dr. Marco Caravaggio

Chiropractor located in Markham, MI

At Network Family Care Center, Dr. Marco Caravaggio has three registered massage therapists on staff. They are Belinda Hosey, Janet Marzan, and Jonathan Maister. The facility serves patients who live in the Toronto and Markham communities, in Ontario, Canada.

Massage Q & A

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is well known for the benefits it offers to the people who use it. It strengthens and tones the muscles, as well as improves range of motion. It also effectively helps to strengthen the connective tissues that attach the muscles to the bones. Deep tissue flushes out toxins and contaminants that build up within the muscle tissues and helps the body to flush them away. Massage therapy is also very relaxing, allowing both the body and mind to release the stress and strain that builds up throughout the day. Massage also improves circulation and stimulates stronger blood flow throughout the body. 

Are There Different Types of Massage?

There are several different types of massage therapy. Swedish massage is very light and is mostly used for relaxation and stress relief. Deep tissue massage works deep into the core of the muscles, releasing toxins as well as strengthening and toning the tissues. Thai massage is extremely deep and works down through the upper layers of muscles, reaching into the core of the body. All types of massage improve circulation and elicit a healing response. Massage is extremely effective at re-establishing balance within the body on a muscular level. A person's level of activity and the amount of muscle tone they have will help to determine what type of massage best suits their needs.

How Does Massage Therapy Support Chiropractic Care?

Massage therapy provides support for chiropractic adjustments. A chiropractic adjustment helps to shift bones back into their original position, while also guiding the muscles into position to support the bone's new location. When massage therapy is used in addition to a chiropractic adjustment, the muscle is strengthened and freshly oxygenated blood is sent to the area. The presence of the freshly oxygenated blood helps to speed up the healing process, holding the bone in place and strengthen it so that it doesn't shift out of alignment. When used together, massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments work together to establish balance and improve physical function.


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