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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Marco Caravaggio

Chiropractor located in Markham, MI

At Network Family Care Center, Dr. Marco Caravaggio is dedicated to providing the highest level of chiropractic care to all patients who come to the practice. A wide number of different services are offered, providing patients with options for pain relief, optimal function and improved wellness.

Chiropractic Care Q & A

What exactly is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a type of healthcare that is centered on achieving optimal alignment and function of the human spine. Chiropractic studies focus on understanding the critical role that the spinal column plays in overall health and learning to recognize when the spine is out of alignment or otherwise not functioning properly. Many people associate chiropractic care solely with back pain, but there are many other areas of the body that can benefit from the chiropractic approach. Central to the practice philosophy is the belief that the body is already equipped with the ability to heal and renew itself, and chiropractors seek to achieve impactful and lasting results without the use of drugs or surgery.

What kinds of issues can be addressed with chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care can help patients with a number of different concerns. Many patients come to the practice seeking relief from pain, whether from a recent injury or a chronic condition. Chiropractic work can assist with pain in the back, neck, joints and extremities. Headaches also benefit from chiropractic care. Lesser known applications of chiropractic treatment include ADHD and Autism, pregnancy and even weight loss. Many people turn to a trusted chiropractor even when there are no immediate causes for concern, but for preventative work and improvements in overall wellness.

What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Network Spinal Analysis is a chiropractic technique that differs from the traditional approach to spinal adjustments. Most people are familiar with the “cracking” type of spinal adjustment, which is achieved through the targeted application of force. Network Spinal Analysis is a far more gentle approach and makes use of specific low force touch to send signals to the brain. Contact is made on the areas of the body where the spine connects to the spinal cord, allowing the central nervous system to tune into feedback. As a result, the brain is able to create new strategies for handling stress, lessening tension and improving overall wellness.



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Chiropractic Care