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Brain Health

Dr. Marco Caravaggio

Chiropractor located in Markham, MI

Dr. Marco Caravaggio and the staff of Network Family Care Center offer chiropractic care services to the residents of Markham, Ontario and the greater Toronto area. The doctor specializes in offering services that enhance brain health and wellness.

Brain Health Q & A

What is Meant by "Brain Health"?

The term "Brain Health" is often used to describe proper brain function. The brain controls every aspect of the body's existence and when it starts to slow down or not function properly, the body begins to suffer. Poor brain health can lead to lowered metabolic function, memory loss, inability to remain focused or stay on task, and depression. Keeping the brain functioning normally allows the body to remain in balance. A body in balance is less prone to injury and will be able to avoid many of the common illnesses that a person comes in contact with on a daily basis. A healthy brain equals a stronger, healthier body.

What is Needed for the Brain to Function Efficiently?

The brain requires an abundant amount of oxygen and nutrients to function efficiently. The brain is easily deprived of oxygen when a person receives a neck or spinal injury. Inflammation in the neck and shoulders can put pressure on the blood vessels that supply the brain. The brain can also lose oxygen and nutrients if the bloodstream is full of toxins and contaminants. For the brain to function efficiently, the body needs to first consume the right foods to provide the right nutrients. Next is to re-establish proper blood flow to and from the neck by keeping the body structurally aligned. Finally, the body needs to be put through a detox program that eliminates toxins and contaminants that take up space in the bloodstream. 

Can an Autism Patient Benefit From Chiropractic Care?

Autism patients can benefit from many aspects of chiropractic care. Even though many autism patients do not like to be touched, they gravitate towards sensations that make them feel better. Network Spinal Analysis is a low force chiropractic treatment option that provides effective adjustments with minimal touch or pressure. Receiving a spinal analysis and treatment will help an autistic patient with both cognitive brain function as well as re-establishing balance within the physical structure of the body. Autistic patients are better able to focus following an adjustment and their physical function is also dramatically improved.