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While most patients associate chiropractic care with back pain or other pain concerns, there are a number of other benefits to be found in chiropractic treatment. Weight loss is one of the lesser known areas where a chiropractor can provide a valuable service to patients in the Markham, Toronto area. Dr. Marco Caravaggio offers a comprehensive weight loss program at Network Family Care Center.

Weight Loss Q & A

What are the risks associated with being overweight or obese?

Research has shown that people who are significantly overweight or obese are at an increased risk for a wide variety of diseases and disorders. The human body is designed to function best at a certain weight range, which is unique for each individual. Being overweight causes the body’s systems to malfunction, leading to many different negative outcomes. Examples include heart disease, stroke, musculoskeletal issues, and diabetes. Diabetes is a particular area of concern, as the rate of this disease is on the rise in many parts of the world. In addition to specific health concerns, many people want to achieve a healthy weight in order to simply feel good on a daily basis and to enjoy improved wellness.

How can chiropractic care impact weight loss?

One of the most powerful ways that chiropractic care can impact weight loss involves spinal adjustments. The human spine serves to protect the central nervous system, which transmits signals to and from the brain. When undue pressure is placed upon the spinal column, that communication can be negatively impacted. This can cause a disconnect between the body and the brain, including problems associated with feelings of hunger and satiation. Subluxations can also limit a patient’s ability to be active, which can hinder weight loss efforts.

What is the Dr.’s Choice Weight Loss Program?

The Dr.’s Choice Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive weight loss plan that is available to patients at Network Family Care Center. The program is based on recent science, and a focus is placed on educating patients on how to take control of their own weight loss path. The Program includes diet plans that are based on research and evidence. Best of all, the Program is actively managed by a partnership between the patient and chiropractor, which provides a level of support and accountability that individuals would not have on their own.

 Cathy's Testimony

"In the last 2 months I have lost 24 lbs. and approximately 5 inches! I've never been hungry and have found it very easy to stick with the food choices. All through this process I've felt good and people have commented on how healthy I look. Now in my last 2 weeks of maintenance, and back on all foods, I'm still losing weight and looking forward to doing the plan again, confident that I will continue to lose weight."

- Cathy Boccia


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