When Your Back Gets the Boot

You woke up this morning, tried to get out of bed only to discover your
back is completely locked up - like a steel parking boot has been
slapped on it, rendering your whole body UN-driveable. Maybe
you should have paid more attention to the warnings signs that were
piling up over the past several months.
Neglect is the enemy of normal function. That little twinge
in your back you felt a few days ago, the morning soreness you've been
getting more often, think of them as 'parking tickets' warning you to
get in compliance with the laws spinal maintenance or pay a heftier
penalty down the road. When you continue to ignore ticket
after ticket, don't be surprised if one day you find your entire spine
seized and locked out of commission. That's what happens when
subluxations go unchecked and uncorrected.
So the lesson of the story... don't wait for your spinal issues to get
out of hand before doing something about it. Be
responsible... take care of the small infractions (subluxations) in
your spine now before they lead to bigger problems in the

Dr. Marco Caravaggio

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