• The Number 1 Cause

    by Dr. Marco Caravaggio
    on Jan 5th, 2017

What does leaving your tools out in the rain, skipping oil changes and delaying trips to your Chiropractor have in common? Neglect...

Neglect is the number one cause of breakdown. 100% of the time, neglect is not done on purpose. Sometimes it's just the hustle and bustle of life that gets in the way.  Other times it's due to an innocent lapse in memory.  Whatever the origin of neglect, there does come a time when you must confront its silent, degenerative effects.  Unfortunately in many of those situations, there's no restoration path back to normal.

You can't get around it. Anything that has moving parts or a motor needs to be taken care of and maintained if you want it to last.  And while you can easily replace a tool, or get a new engine if your old one ceases up, there's no such thing as a spine replacement - so please don't neglect the one you have.  

Author Dr. Marco Caravaggio

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