Changing Lightbulbs

If you came home, turned on the bank of switches in your hallway and
noticed none of the lights came on in the back portion of your house,
would you A: Change out all the light bulbs that didn't go on, or B: Go
to the breaker panel in your basement to see which fuse blew? Obviously
it would be smarter to take a trip to the basement first.

It makes sense to focus on the source of the problem rather than chase
each individual malfunction. Likewise in your body, when you experience
multiple malfunctions... back pain, heartburn, headaches, sciatica,
allergies, insomnia, constipation and more - would it also make more
sense to check the 'breakers' in your nerve system for the source of
the problem first before medicating (change lightbulbs) each individual

Therein lies the difference between mainstream health care and
Chiropractic. While everyone is entitled to more than on health issue
or symptom, treating each one individually with drugs and surgery is
really no different than changing light bulbs.  Why not check
your 'electrical breakers' for a common source (subluxations) first? It
would seem smarter to take a trip to the Chiropractor first.

Dr. Marco Caravaggio

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